About Me: Katy Hull

This is Me, Katy!

Katy Hull

My name is Katy Hull and I am a senior at Drake University. I am a Public Relations and Digital Media Production double-major. I love all aspects of PR and media production as it allows me to connect with the world and understand the ethics of how people should operate on and offline. I am planning on taking the LSAT this July and will attend law school after graduating from Drake University in 2021.

I have a wide set of skills that help assist many organizations. I am fluent in photography, video-editing, design, writing, and organization. I currently work with Violence Intervention Partner to advocate for victims of assault and I also work with ESPN 3 Creative Services as a media assistant since 2017.

My passion is to always help those around me and I have learned I can do that through media work as well as advocacy.

In my personal life, I love to travel. I spent the Spring of 2019 living in Florence, Italy and traveled all of Europe. This once in a lifetime experience brought me some of the best friendships and memories I hold dearest. My favorite cities I traveled to were Nice, France, Split, Croatia, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Being abroad let me see how incredible and vast the world is.

I’ve also recently began to try learning to cook! I’ve been able to make the essentials in the past, but I wanted to expand my skills! I’ve recently become a huge fan of bell peppers and finding recipes to make stuffed peppers of any variety! Also grilled mini peppers are a game-changer, you have to try them.

I currently have one dog, a wheaten-terrier named Oakley. She’s 15 years old and still acts like a puppy.

And fun fact, my current favorite song is “All We Have is Now” by The Modern Electric. Give it a listen!

Thanks for checking out my site!