Portrait Photography Tips You Should Know

Portraits can be incredible pictures of subjects that can capture who they are as a person. As technology continues to evolve, photographers are constantly finding ways to enhance portraits. Here are some tips you should know about capturing quality portraits.

Find the Right Background

The first step is also a very important one. Make sure when you are taking portraits, that you decide ahead of time what you want to be in the background. Sometimes spontaneous shoots are fine, but it is improtant to understand that you want a background that will compliment your subject, as well as what they are wearing. Usually portrait backgrounds are solid and neutral, but don’t let that limit you from branching out and trying portraits with interesting backgrounds that has a peak of texture and color.

Pose Your Subject

Don’t be afraid to tell your subject if they need to readjust their head or rotate a bit. It is your job as their photographer to help put them in the best position. It’s only meant to benefit both of you. If you feel awkward about asking someone to readjust, simply ask “can we try it this time with you adjusting your shoulders…” or whatever they need fixed. Also communicate and engage with your subject and if they’re asking if they should change poses or if their current position is awkward, help them out. Then you will get great angles and flattering portraits.

Blur the Background by Shooting with Aperture Priority Mode

To create complete focus of your subject, shoot with Aperture Priority Mode on you camera. This will create a blurred background that allows your subject to be the only focus. Portraits like this create a dramatic effect and can make your portraits look more professional. Usually on cameras there is a setting where your camera will automatically set up Aperture Priority, but there are ways to manually set it if need be.

Candid Can Be Good

You want your subject to feel comfortable and excited to get their picture taken. Before you start the shoot, you should take time to talk to your subject so they can feel relaxed. While shooting portraits, sometimes catching your subject when they least expect it can lead to a great portrait. Don’t hesitate to take a series of shots, as one of those might catch your subject in a great moment.

That concludes are portrait photography tips you should know! Taking portraits is a great way to connect with your subjects and it can lead to some quality final products. Do you have any tips or tricks that have helped enhance your portraits? Let us know in the comments!