Follow These 4 Niche Instagram Accounts to Feel Inspired

Need some inspiration? There are so many accounts out there that have niche concepts, but create massive followings, especially in the world of photography and journalism. Here are 4 niche Instagram accounts to check out to feel inspired.

Humans of New York

Founded by Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York shares the stories of residents of the city and their personal experiences. Through street photography, you are enlightened that every individual has there own story and this account lets them separate from the masses. This originally began as a photography project in 2010 to catalogue 10,000 resident’s stories. Since then it has grown into books, series, and has traveled the world to learn the stories of people outside of New York. Humans of New York allows room for empathy and connection on social media as everyone reading these stories can connect to an unlikely stranger. You can follow their Instagram here.

Jan Hakon Erichsen

Jan Hakon Erichsen describes himself as a “visual artist and balloon” destroyer, and does just that. His account mostly features him popping balloons in unique ways, and it is mesmerizing to watch. His deadpan face while finding ways to creatively pop balloons is the perfect combination in unique content you most likely won’t find anywhere else. Don’t try this at home!


Combophoto combines two very similar, yet unexpected objects together. You have to do a double take looking at their photos, as they are so well blended together. You have to zoom in on each post to even see that it is two different photos perfectly aligned. It’s visually stunning to admire the combinations this account has put together. As comedic some of these combinations are, you have to admire the editing skills required to so seamlessly make creations like this.

Ben Zank

Ben Zank offers unique minimalism to his well-crafted photos and creates mind-bending photographs that make you question reality. By manipulating perspective and positioning, Zank is able to change how the world looks. Contortion plays a large role in how all of his subjects are positioned, which helps trick the eye that these images are illusions. His use of contrasting color schemes and nature make you question the laws of nature itself.

As you can see, Instagram allows niche photographers and journalists to experiment with their projects and the results are astounding. It’s important to have niche content in mainstream social media because it shows there is always room for more growth and inspiration in creative content. What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments!