3 Photography Hacks You Should Try

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to take advantage of this nice weather and shoot some photos! Practice is key in advancing your photography skills, but it’s also fun to experiment and try new techniques. Here are 5 photography hacks you should definitely try!

iPhone Reflection

This hack is super easy and offers an amazing effect! Hold your iPhone horizontally and line it up with the bottom of your camera. You can tilt the phone at any angle to get the desired reflection you want.

After you have decided what you want your final image will look like, you can snap that shot and create a cool reflective effect without Photoshop! Here’s my result:

Here’s a link to someone who used the same hack for wedding photos! They’re incredible!

Dual Colored Lights

To create a colorful and mesmerizing effect, Put yourself in a dark room and have two different colored lights angled at you from both sides. It will take some adjusting to achieve your desired look. You can really play with any color scheme and it can create a contrasted look on your subject.

Here’s my result when I was the subject of a shoot a few months ago:

Processed with VSCO with bbma preset

As you can see, this created a very retro and colorful result. It almost felt as though I was in front of a neon sign. I really enjoyed the look of this shoot as it will really capture someone’s attention if they scroll by it on social media. In this case, we used LED lights and covered them with colored gels to create this effect. If you don’t want to spend the money on LED’s to achieve this effect, you can purchase gels and put them on a strong flashlight or iPhone camera for similar results.

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

This last hack takes some practice to get the shot you want, but it’s worth it! I bought a 7 pack of different sized mirrors and used these sizes to create different reflections off my subject. There are a variety of ways to frame the mirrors to create a cool effect.

Here are my results:

We shot these in an open field and had a stark contrast between the green grass and the blue sky. This created a great juxtaposing shot. The shot with the broken shard took a while to focus because you have to have a precise angle over the should to achieve this picture. It’s fun to experiment though by having the different sized mirrors!

I hope you enjoy these photography hacks and find use to them this summer! Do you have any other photography hacks that you love? Share them in the comments!